Schedule Of Estimated Fees

Please note: The fees below are for budgeting guidelines only. Contact me with your project specs and I’ll work up a quote for the entire project.

Estimated Fees

  • Press Release: $100 to $200, client responsible for distribution
  • Web Page Copy: Typically billed per page, $150 to $300 depending on complexity and length. Home page copy is typically more.
  • Copy Writing: Varies greatly by project, but typically somewhere around $.60 to $1.50 a word.
  • Executive Bios: $300, including a short (typically around 125 words) and long version (300 words)
  • Blog post: Starting at $300 for 400 to 600 words, light research.
  • Feature/thought-leadership article: (800 to 2,000 words), $500 to $1000 depending on word length, research required and complexity.
  • Case study: (product success story): $800 – $1,200 (800 – 1,200 words), including interviews.
  • E-books and lead-generation reports: (up to 4 pages): $800 – $1,500
  • White paper: (5-10 pages) ​​ $400 to $600 a page
  • Email newsletter article: (500 – 750 words): $400 – $700

Final bids reflect the amount of research and number of interviews. If a project doesn’t require much, the bottom of the range can be expected. Meetings with client or third parties (client’s customers or strategic partners) will create more expensive projects. Prices vary depending on the amount of copy required; for example, a lead-gen report that’s light on copy will cost less than one dense with text.


I incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) words and key-phrase into your work either from a list generated by you or I can generate an actionable SEO list for your project.


All projects include actionable, reader-grabbing recommended headlines and sub-heads, incorporating SEO words and key-word phrases.

​Prices include a first draft and two rounds of revisions within the original scope of the project. Once fully paid, you retain all right to the work.

​Fifty percent of the project fee is due up front, with the remaining 50% invoiced after completion of the project.

I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know Georgie and working with her. She wrote an excellent summary of our first national meeting on the National Industrial Hemp Council. With her extensive background in agriculture, Georgie brings a level of understanding and professionalism in writing about hemp that other writers can’t match. She inherently understands the issues and knows what questions to ask. She is enthusiastic, a consummate professional and dedicated to providing accurate, honest and compelling content. Above all that she has a very valuable quality that you can’t buy or fake: creativity that I admire and envy! She will not disappoint!

Russell Laird, Advocacy Adviser. National Industrial Hemp Council.

Have a lot of work for me to do?

I’m happy to arrange a discount for multiple projects or to quote a retainer fee for ongoing work.