Freelance Farm Writer for Hire

Farmer Georgie is a 4th generation farmer turned food and farm freelance writer for hire.

Hi I’m Farmer Georgie, a Freelance Farm Writer

Hi there! My farm customers call me “Farmer Georgie.” Which is sort of like saying “Farmer Farmer,” since the meaning for “George” is ‘farmer.’

So, yep, I’m a farmer. But I’m also a writer. And I dearly love to write about what I’m most passionate about – farming and food production.

I grew up the 4th generation of a farm family on a Pacific Northwest island. I was a 4-h kid. I had (and still have) ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys, pigs, rabbits, dogs and kittens. One goat (don’t ask). Horses and cows.

I went to university for an agricultural degree and graduated as a journalist and news paper reporter. In those early years I honed my craft, learning to write clear and concisely.  I met daily deadlines, interview sources and research complex issues. Then told the story in concise compelling words. 

Back on The Family Farm

Then, my mom set me up on a blind date and next thing I knew, I’m back in my small home town, raising my own family on the farm.

There were no newspapers in my tiny town, so I worked in sales and marketing. I learned how to develop strong customer relations, what turns a lead into an account and all about the ‘sales funnel.’

I started farming. It was in my blood! It was suppose to be “just” a family veggie garden. But my little garden quickly turned into 14 acres of intensive vegetables and twice-weekly delivery trips delivering to the Seattle chef scene.

Those are the years when I earned the title ‘Farmer Georgie.’ I’ll wear that name tag with pride any day of the week.

We had some great farming years.

Farm Tragedy Strikes

In March of 2017, our historic family barn burned and 90 percent of my 20 years-worth of cobbled together, refurbished farm equipment.  It was devastating.

I worked to come back but the local foods market had changed. I was getting older. I found myself yearning to find time to put pen to paper rather than trowel to soil.

I turned to writing about what I know best – farming and food production.

Becoming a Food and Farm Freelance Writer for Hire

My life journey has not always been easy, but it has brought me to this place and given me an unique perspective I bring to my writing both as an agricultural journalist, and for the food and farming businesses and organizations that hire my creative skills.


Businesses & organizations need content writers that not only understand what they do, but are passionate about it.

There is a LOT of exciting, world-changing innovations happening in agriculture right now and a pressing need to tell those stories.


Most writers, ‘content creators’ and even agencies don’t understand farming and the complexities and nuances of sustainable agriculture.

Farming and food production is largely a mystery to most consumers, creating a disconnect with the food supply chain.

I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know Georgie and working with her. She wrote an excellent summary of our first national meeting on the National Industrial Hemp Council. With her extensive background in agriculture, Georgie brings a level of understanding and professionalism in writing about hemp that other writers can’t match. She inherently understands the issues and knows what questions to ask. She is enthusiastic, a consummate professional and dedicated to providing accurate, honest and compelling content. Above all that she has a very valuable quality that you can’t buy or fake: creativity that I admire and envy! She will not disappoint!
Russell Laird, Advocacy Adviser. National Industrial Hemp Council.