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Your Farm or Food Business is Feeding, Building, Healing & Changing the World

But You Can’t Do it Without Leads

We are in the midst of a revolutionary and rapidly changing agricultural and food landscape.

The world population is expected to balloon to 9.2 billion by 2050. Meanwhile the climate crisis continues to worsen. Feeding, clothing and housing this world and doing it sustainably and ethically will require innovative ingenuity and a deep commitment to your practices.

Equalling unparalleled opportunities for forward-thinking farm and food businesses and committed global citizens

That’s you.

Separate the Wheat from Your Competitor’s Chaff

New science, new crops, new technology, new opportunities, new problems and new solutions.

But you’re not the only one with great ideas and a mission to accomplish, your competitors have them too.

The best business idea in the world won’t grow if you don’t have an active brand message that generate leads and convert to sales. 

It’s Time to Make Hay While the Sun is Shining 

Most freelance content writers don’t know a plow from a harrow, a seed from a transplant, or a poult from poultry. They don’t understand the food soil web the importance of sustainable farming practices or the tech innovations that are fundamentally re-shaping today’s farming landscape.

Nor do they understand the intricacies of the food supply chain and how many communities and families it effects from top to bottom. Or the challenges of a fickle, demanding and evolving consumer base that wants to buy great products – but only from brands they believe in. 

The people in your company, they’re passionate about what they do but you need write concise, compelling and engaging content that skips the jargon. And focuses on the bottom line.

But who has time to do all the writing? Or figure out all the confusing SEO stuff?

I get all that. Because I’ve been in your boots.  

It’s hard to keep up with a fast-moving business and write the copy it deserves to keep it fast-moving!  

So let’s talk.

Let a 4th generation farmer, one who ran her own farm and food business just like you, do your writing for you. After all, it only makes sense to choose a farmer to help ‘grow’ your business, doesn’t it?    

Farm and Food, FarmTech, Regenerative Agriculture and Hemp Businesses

The Hemp Industry

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill pulled industrial hemp from a long, 80-year prohibition. 

The hemp industry is busting with the opportunities of what is predicted to be America’s 3rd largest production crop.

But growing hemp is complicated and the hemp industry even more so. The first year of growing has proven without a doubt that not only will it take smart farmers and smart businesses to succeed in the hemp industry, but you will need to outshine your competition with a strong content marketing campaign. The businesses and brands that win the marketing game will succeed. 

Let’s make sure that’s you. You need writing that establishes your authority, brings you customers, creates trust and resonates in a crowded, complicated landscape.

Farm Tech

Billions are being invested annually into technical solutions that are revolutionizing the way we produce food and farm goods.

Vertical growing indoor warehouses, robotic solutions, drone-services, RFID technology, satellite imaging, CEA and even insect farming are transforming the agricultural landscape and will significantly change food production over the next decade.

Farm tech solutions are complicated, but its results are bottom-line.

Your farm tech business needs content that transforms complicated and novel ideas into understandable solutions.

Compelling, data-driven marketing solutions that presents the problem and shows your solution. 

Regenerative Agriculture

Good farmers learned long ago to invest in their soil. It pays off with better crops, happier pastures and more resilient farm land. 

Turns out, those smart farmers have been using what we now call ‘regenerative agriculture.’ Practices that can sink carbon and reverse global warming. We have the data to prove it and the science to make it happen. And finally, a clear pathway to offer a financial incentive to farmers and farming communities willing to take on the challenge of regenerative and sustainable farming practices.

Plus a consumer-base not just committed to, but demanding,  Earth-friendly products.

This is a story that appears to tells itself. But, farming is complicated and it can be a tricky sell to your busy, information-overwhelmed and skeptical customers. You absolutely must be truthful. Yet poignant at the same time. 

You need get to the point copy that hits your customers emotional triggers, but also gains their trust and shows them you’re invested in real solutions. You do this by featuring real-world situations, real data and, especially, REAL people that your business has impacted.

Not just marketing hype. Pretty words only go so far. Without the human stories behind them they are just fluff.

Farm and Food Businesses

Whether you’re a market farmer, a feed or fertilizer company, a destination farm experience or a food brand with an amazing product – telling the story of where food comes from and how it was grown builds brand awareness.

Everybody loves the story of how a product was grown and developed. They are a great way to engage your audience. They just absolutely have to be authentic. Brand journalism, telling the real stories behind your product, is an excellent strategy for brands with a passion behind what they sell.

You need a copywriter that understands that how your climate-conscious, sustainability-committed, ‘purchasing via their ethics’ ideal consumer perceives your product is as much about the story of how that product came into being as it is the product itself.

Georgie was phenomenal to work with. She is a professional, and truly understands what makes good content. I look forward toworking with her again and anyone who does work with her is lucky!
Raymond Mazzie, VP of Corporate Development at Green Point Research