Freelance Agricultural and Food Writer

I write content for agricultural businesses, farm-focused food brands and organizations.

I also work as an agricultural journalist for publications.

Freelance Agricultural Writer For Hire

Creating content that generates leads, builds authority and converts sales.

Let’s Talk Ag 

There has never been a more critically important – and exciting – time for agriculture, food and farming businesses and organizations.

The world is ready and anxiously waiting for sustainable, regenerative and planet-changing food supply and farming solutions. 

So let’s make a deal. You do the super cool and innovative farming and food production stuff. And I’ll take a load off your back and do the clever writing and content creation part. I’ll help you create trust and authority, generate leads and brings your hard work and innovative ideas the audience they need to succeed.

Sound like a plan?

You’re the farmer/entreprenuer/visionary. I’m another tool in your tool shed, helping you bring the seeds you plant to a bountiful harvest.

Why? Because farming, food production, agricultural communities and the amazing people who sweat blood and tears to make it happen are my passion.

Just like they are yours.

A few things I like to write about….

Farm and Food, FarmTech, Regenerative & Organic Agriculture and Livestock Production

Livestock Production

Whether we’re talking cows, pigs, poultry or rabbits, raising livestock is a critical component of our food and farming systems. Yet livestock farming is universally misunderstood by the non-farming public due to an onslaught of anti-livestock farming content.

I tell the stories of hard-working and innovative ranchers and farmers. And the animals they tirelessly care for.

Farm Tech

Vertical agriculture, greenhouse production, farm robotics, drone-services, RFID technology, satellite imaging, precision ag and even insect farming are transforming the farming as we know it. 

Farm and agri-tech solutions are complicated, but part of the future of food. Whether you need B2B content, or to breakdown complex farm tech issues for a consumer audience, I can help. 

Regenerative & Organic Agriculture

Good farmers learned long ago to invest in their soil. It was the basis of the organic and now the regenerative agriculture movement. 

But, farming is complicated. Organic and regenerative practices (and their results) can be confusing and, even, debatable. Consumers are interested, but suspicious by nature of yet another food and farming marketing claim. I build trust by telling the inspiring – and truthful – story of organic and regenerative ag practices and why they are so important. 

Farm and Food Businesses & Innovators

Passionate farm businesses, sustainable food and farming organizations, food shed entrepreneurs and authentic, caring food brands are reshaping our food supply chain.

The more the world is disconnected from our rural roots, the more consumers hunger (pun intended!) to connect with where their food came from, how it is grown and who grew it. It’s time we took back the supply chain and connect the farm, the food and the people. I write about that.

And Just For Fun…

Take a listen!

Simply put — if you have ANY content you need written about agriculture, Georgie is your gal! She writes beautifully and is able to get the best out of others for pieces she puts together (quotes, background information). Very few writers are able to strike the essential balance of really understanding farm issues and farmers — while ALSO being able to connect to consumers and the general public. On top of all this, she is a joy to work with and turns around deliverables very quickly. I plan on using her skills as a regular part of growing my business!
Sara Harper, Founder and CEO of Grounded Growth